Friday, January 29, 2010

Laughter Is Best Medicine - Funny Videos Can Help Restore Laughter

In the past several years, many people have a reason to smile and be happy because of their investments. With the roaring super bull rally on the cards in the stock markets, many investors worldwide have every reason to smile and be happy with the way their stock prices were going, because the only direction stock prices were heading was up. But once the sub prime mortgage lending market fell, and housing investors could not service their loans, many americans lost their ability to smile. Billions of dollars were wiped off the stock markets, the futures markets and forex markets. Instead of a smile, there was a spirit of heaviness, instead of laughter, there was a deep sense of doom and pain.

Have you lost the ability to smile and to laugh and to be happy?

It is a developing trend that in the pursuit of raising a family and in the pursuit of self achievement, most parents are working and are income earners. If you are a mother, you feel the tremendous pressure of trying to cope with work and with the demands of the little children at home and in school. In the hustle of bustle of daily living, have you lost that ability to smile, and to enjoy a good laugh?

Sometimes it is not circumstances alone that make us live through life without the ability to see things in a brighter light and to enjoy a moment of laughter.

Recently, I read in the newspapers that there is hardly a female television personality who would make it to the beauty program of any established television if she is over 50 years unless she has had botox to help her maintain a feeling of youthfulness....but which may stiffens her appearance, and making her unable to show a sense of natural smile and laughter. While I do not know how true that is, we can in our pursuit of a sense of beauty, lose our ability to smile and laugh naturally by choice.

Instead, I was struck by the power of laughter and gaiety every sunday when I observed a very old lady at the church who was seemingly imbued with the ability to smile and laugh. She would be having a laugh on her face, as she begins to dance around the pews of the church, waving her scraf in the air, oblivious to whatever is happenning - and enjoying herself. All that she displayed was a sense of gaiety and freedom - freedom from the cares of this world when she started to lose herself in a deep sense of worship and of laughter.

Do we need triggers to help us regain the ability to smile and to laugh? After all, it is not just food that is the spice of life, but laughter makes the burdens light.

Look around you everywhere as you go about your work today. See beauty and life in the things around you. See love in the events that occur around you, and remember to smile and to laugh. Did something odd and dreadful happened to day to make you sad? Look at the brighter side of things and smile. You will find the burdens lighter. Laugh and the whole world will laugh with you. Just start to learn to laugh by consciously watching comedy videos, and funny movies and by seeing the lighter side of things for every event that occurs in your life daily.

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